May 6th, 2018



Please note the following Road Closures for Sunday May 6th:

Rideau Valley Drive from Bridge Street. to Century Rd. will be closed between 7:00am – 11am (local access for south bound traffic only)
Century Rd. will be closed between 8:00am – 9:30am and will reopen as soon as the last runner is off the course.
First Line Rd. from Phelan Rd. to Bankfield Rd. will be closed between 7:30-9:30am and will reopen as soon as the last runner is off the course.
MANOTICK ESTATES & MCMANUS AVE. – McManus Ave., Potter Dr., Watterson St., Carrison Dr. Pettapiece Cres., and Beaverwood Rd. will be filled with our runners (approx. 3000). These will be the most heavily populated roads from the hours of 8am -11:00am. We ask that you drive very slowly and watch out for police officers that will be directing traffic for the ultimate safety of our runners.
This event happens once a year on the same weekend in May. We please ask that you make arrangements or refrain from leaving your driveway during these hours. We ask for your patience as runners come from all over Ottawa to run around your beautiful neighborhood.

Start Line

Manotick Main Street 

Please note that we will be gathering all participants in Dickinson Square, before and after the race. Dickinson Square will be closed off for Race Day and there will be no parking on the premises with the exception of First Aid and necessary vehicles.

Your understanding is much appreciated and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience the run may cause.

**We encourage you to step outside your front door and cheer on fellow community residents and families as this is guaranteed to be a positive, fun and encouraging day for everyone**