May 6th, 2018


Can I sell or transfer my race entry to another participant if I am unable to run the race due to injury or other circumstances?
Entry fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to another participant before April 14th, 2018 through your participant Online dashboard.

When will registration be capped for each race?
This year Registration is being capped at 3000 people so REGISTER TODAY! If you register after April 16th you run the risk of not getting a participant Race Shirt. We WILL have Registration open in Person at each of the Race Kit Pick Ups.

Is there any way to register other than online?
Yes, we will be accepting mail-in registrations. Please email the Run Director for more details.

I want to confirm my registration; is there any way that I can do this?
Yes, You should also receive a confirmation letter sent to your e-mail upon registration.  On the main website you can choose "Verify Registration" and re-send your confirmation e-mail.

When will prices increase for registration?
Prices for registration will increase on November 19, 2018, May 3, 2018 and again at Race Kit Pick-Up. Try to get in before May 2, if you can to avoid race day price increase!!  

I am already registered for the 3 Miler; can I upgrade to the 10Miler?
Yes. You can do so by logging on to your participant dashboard which was sent to you in your confirmation e-mail.  If you do not have your confirmation e-mail you can go to "Verify Registration" on our website and resend it.  From there you will be able to upgrade your race.

I am already registered for the 10 miler; can I be switched to the 3 miler?
Yes.  You can do so by logging on to your participant dashboard which was sent to you in your confirmation e-mail. If you do not have that confirmation e-mail you can "Verify Registration" on our website and resend it.
Please note, however, that you will not be reimbursed for the difference in price.

Are there any plans to add a Half/or Full Marathon to the Manotick Miler?
This year we are offering an 10 Mile Race. If the demand is there we will absolutely add a 1/2 and or full marathon. 

How can I best stay up to date with inStride Events in the community?
Check out our Social Media pages on Facebook and Instagram/Twitter (@inStrideEvents/Twitter: @inStrideeventz) and on our website and

Does a participant need photo identification to pick up their registration package?
All registered participant's names and bib #’s will be posted on a master list at Race Kit Pickup. Each person will be required to find this information and present it to a volunteer at registration.

Am I able to pick up a race kit for someone else?
Yes. Just follow the same procedure as you did when getting yours.

What services are provided for participants on Race Day?
There will be portable toilets. Bike racks. Post Race BBQ and Beer Gardens provided by Big Rig Brewery (this is family friendly). Recovery Tent. Recover Food.. We recommend people keep their personal belongings in their car or at home, but if needed, there will be bag check on race day.

What if my t-shirt doesn’t fit me?
Every effort is made to order enough shirts in all the right sizes. What you ordered is what you will receive. If there are some left over after Race Kit-Pick Up than we can try to accommodate you with the right fit. Again, when you come to pick up your bib and shirt, the shirt you have selected upon registration will be given to you, you cannot switch upon registration. We try to make sure everyone gets what they have ordered and hope it fits!

Is there a Lost and Found Area at the race site?
All lost and found items will be kept with the Manotick Miler Planning team so please e-mail the race director

Am I able to push my child in a baby jogger or stroller device for the 3 Miler or 5/10 Miler routes?
Baby joggers and strollers can pose a danger to other participants.
Due to the growing amount of runners we have decided not to allow them in the 5 miler and 10 miler. Strollers will be permitted in the 3 miler and 1 miler family run, but only if you are walking, not running, and you must start at the back behind the last row of participants.

Am I able to bring my pet on any of the routes?
Due to restrictions of roads and coupled with consideration for the safety of other runners, pets are not allowed on the course. The only exception is for those registered as guide dogs for the visually impaired.

Are walkers welcome in all races?
Walkers are most welcome and are given a start position behind the last row of runners.

Will there be official Pace Bunnies?
If we acquire some volunteers who would like to be a pace bunny for any of our races, than absolutely we would love to have them.

How many water stations will be set up on the course and where will they be located?
There will be 3-4 water stations for the 10 miler.
There will be 1-2 water stations in the 5 miler and 3 miler.
There will also be 2 chemical toilets on the 5 miler and 10 miler routes.

Are their corrals in each race?
Corrals are placed behind the start line as a way to organize participants of similar pace and to assist in moving everyone into the race gradually. Since the race is not one of tens of thousands, we just ask that the faster, elite runners start near the front and the walkers and gradual runners, start more towards the back, as a safety concern as well.

Is there a time limit to complete the 10 miler?
There is no official time limit identified, but we will start dismantling the finish line at approximately 12:00 pm. Therefore, in order for your time to be recorded, you must be able to complete the 10 miler in less than 3 hours.

Where is the chip that records my time? Do I need to return it at the end of the race?
No.  The Time chip is attached to the back of your bib that you will receive at Race Kit Pick up.  Once you are done your race you can dispose of your bib or keep it as a keepsake!

Where can I see my official race results?
Official race results are available at

Why is gun time listed ahead of chip time in the official results listing?
While chip time shows when a participant crosses the start line, “gun time” is the time when the gun fires to the time you cross the finish line. Because gun time is always used for timing winners, it is the time listed first in the results.

Where can family and friends meet me after completion of my run?
Family and friends can meet in the Tent area where the main stage is held, after they cross the barricades and finish line. Please stick around for post race Tailgate party provided by Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery.

Where is the Recovery Tent located, and what is served to participants in this area?
The Recovery Area is located at the end of the finish channel and will be provided with salty snacks, water and fruit.

Where are the best spectator viewing areas for the Manotick Miler?
There is plenty of room for spectators along all the routes. Check out course maps for spots that might seem appealing. We love to have cheer signs and lots of energy on race day, so feel free to get a team of supporters together and make some creative signs for the runners. We encourage Manotick Estate Residents to walk down their lane way and cheer on our runners. Please also see the Spectator Link on the website for more tips.

Who is the official race photographer for the Manotick Miler?
 You can get great family/team photos before, after and during the race under our Manotick Miler backdrop. We will also have photographers taking action pictures.  We encourage you to share your photos with us on Facebook and Twitter/instagram using the hashtag #iamamiler.

Are pledge forms available to collect donations offline?
Printable versions of the pledge form are available which you can download straight from the site under "Our Charity" or please e-mail and she will kindly send you one. You will be able to hand these in, along with the money that you’ve raised, during the race kit pick-up on Saturday.
*NEW* We have added an awesome fundraising page on the miler website which allows you to send a link and create a profile as a family or as an individual and help raise funds for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Manotick Public School, Manotick Co-Operative Nursery School, all done online!