May 6th, 2018


Heart Institute The Manotick Miler proudly supports University of Ottawa Heart Institute through fundraising initiatives year round, participant and sponsor donations and online fundraising through the registration site! Within the next 50 years, they would like to be able to say that heart disease has been cured and that it no longer affects one in every three people. Only by working together can we make this reality possible. It is possible! With your generous support, we can work together to build a brighter future for your children, your grandchildren, and anyone else who is important to you.






The Miler also supports the Manotick Public School and the Manotick Co-operative Nursery School.  If you would like to donate or fundraise for these local schools you can do so through the Manotick Miler Registration Form!


You can also collect multiple donations with this form. If you have any questions, you can contact Laura Glasper from Instride.