May 5th, 2019

Spectator Tips

Where are the best places to watch the races? 
Main street Manotick (where the Finish and Start line is and further South down RideauValley Drive.  Corner of Century Rd and First Line for the 10 Milers.

Dr. Leach and Beaverwood Rd. is a great spot to see them come down to the finish.

If you are a Manotick Resident and live in the Manotick Estates on Potter, Eastman, Carrison, Pettapiece, Beaverwood, Whitewood, Watterson - these streets will be filled with runners so sitting at the end of your driveway is great!

When and what streets are closed?

Manotick Main Street Rideau Valley Drive) to Century Rd will be closed from 7-9am in the morning.  Manotick Main Street will be closed for 7-11am from Bridge Street to Currier St.

Century Rd and First Line Rd will be closed for 2hrs only once the races have started.

Beaver wood Rd will be closed to local traffic only from 8-11am.  

Dickinson Street, Mill Street and Johnston Clapp Lane will be closed from 7-11am.

Are there bands or entertainment on the course?

We like to have bands positioned at Century Rd and First Line and at Carrison dr. and the bridge.

When and where are the awards?

Each participant will receive a finisher's medal once they cross the Finish Line.  Awards will be given out at the main stage located on Mill Street.