May 5th, 2019


Miler Gift Certificates - Christmas

Santa gives many gifts but fitness isn't one of them!

We've got the best stocking stuffer gift EVER! The gift of running!

Right now you now you can purchase gift certificates for any of our 5 races including the NEW 15.0 Mile Challenge!  

All events take place on Sunday May 5, 2019!

Click on the image to make your purchase!  


  • Gift certificates are available for purchase at the link above.
  • Once you make the purchase, you will received an email with a copy of the gift certificate.  You can than print the GC
  • Gift certificates are non-refundable but giftees may transfer their race to another runner
  • Gift Certificates are only good for this year's race - 2019.
  • Do I have to run with them on race day!  NOPE but we sure hope you will be there too!

Check out our new 15.0 Mile challenge HERE

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